What is Multilingual?

Multilingual means translating a website’s language to another language and getting your website ranked in different language versions. This helps you go international, if you could translate your website into different languages then you should double your organic traffic as well as your potential customers. 


What is Multi-Regional 

Multi-Regional means you have different versions of domains like for Spanish – .abc.es, for german – abc.de. There are lots of sites that are multi-regional, Sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing have lots of multi-regional domain extensions like .com, .co.uk, .es and .de. 

What’s the benefit?

As your website grows,  your users want to get that information from every part of the world. A lot of multi-regional sites get a very huge amount of search traffic from different regions of the world and not just organic traffic. You can achieve your desired goals by going international by doing so. 

How to do Multilingual SEO?

To get ranked in search engines you need to look at some of the ranking SEO factors. 

URL Structure

You need a clean URL structure for your website to rank in Google. URL structures are key indicators that identify the language of your site and rank you in that particular region.

For example, You want your targeted audience from Japan. In that case, your URL structure should be like this:

www.digitalproximity.jp – Top Level Domain


www.digitalproximity.net/jp/ – Subdirectory


jp.digitalproximity.net – Subdomain

You can choose URL structures from these types

Language-Specific Content

You need a language-specific content (forex- french) which can be manually edited and translated. It’s better if you handle this task to language professionals and not to use automated translation tools as Google translate. In the end, you want this content for your consumers, if they don’t understand the content. It will be a total waste of time.

Keyword Research

You need a proper list of keyword variations. The best possible idea is to check what your competitors are using to rank. You can take help from tools like keyword planner, Ubersuggest, Keywordtool.io and many more

Meta Tags

Meta tags are very essential when it comes for search rankings. Your meta tags can determine whether you can get customers or not, you get leads or not. 

We have two situations here:

Situation 1

For example my website “abc.fr” is the french version of “abc.com”. “Abc.com” is ranking well 

on all my keywords. So what i will do is i will get my keywords translated in french language and place them on “abc.fr” and get those web pages indexed by Google.

Situation 2

For example my website “abc.jp” is the japanese version of “abc.com” and my target is to acquire the audience and leads from the Japan region. What i will do here is making keyword variation based on user intent::

Web design – Services – Location 

After translating the keyword will be

ウェブデザイン サービス 東京 

You can also research online to find what common phrases can be used according to your specified region and use those phrases in your meta tags.

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