It’s not always about ranking

In 2011, Google introduced its Panda update that shook the whole world. Before that, every website owner ranks very easily by publishing duplicate content.

This is not 2011. These are not those old days. In 2020 you have to be more creative in terms of your content marketing strategy.

That’s right friends, As Bhagvat Gita says “Do your duty without thinking about results”

Writing content is an art and the first ladder to achieve desired results. To be more specific you should know first about what your search intent should be.

For example: What is the person looking for when searching on Google. This explains everything. Every time you write the content follow this basic concept.

Let’s elaborate this:

Here are the types of content that you can use in your content creation strategy:


Infographics are a visual representation of data in a single image. It is a perfect source to build brand reputation because of its more appealing, eye-catching and have very high chances of social media engagement.

Case Study

Case studies are one of the most powerful marketing tools that create more trust value between you and your customer. In the case study, you have to present your past work and showcase those to your potential leads. By doing this you can be able to get more clients.

Social Media Widgets

Your social media presence can have a larger impact. If you showcase your regular social media timelines in the footer section through social media widgets. That makes your brand more consistent.


Here I am not gonna talk about creating a Youtube channel and start making those lengthy videos. All you need is a professional video creation tools like Canva where you can get ready-made templates according to your business needs and publish on your website.

Press Releases

A press release is a great way to build trust value and worldwide exposure. With the help of press releases, you can attract top industry websites, blogs and news sites. You can write anything about your business like announcements, achievements, current market trends or launching a new product.

These are the few key points that you can implement on your website to gain worldwide exposure and reach your milestone within 3 months.


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